The inimitable tonal quality of the ASG-150 is projected through an 8” speaker and tweeter with 150 Watts of biamplified output.  

The ASG-150 has a purity of tone and frequency response that is unmatched by any combo of a similar size. For this reason it is used by many professional musicians who demand the very best in tonal quality and dynamic response.

The onboard mixer enables the use of several instruments simultaneously depending on the needs of musicians. Send/Ret effects loop, a 3-band eq on all main channels, internal effects and balanced microphone XLR inputs with phantom power.

Acoustic Solutions ASG 150 Acoustic Amplifier

  • 4 channels, two 1/4", two XLR or 1/4"
    -- each channel has separate gain, high, mid, low, effects level and volume knobs
    RCA stereo input and output
    XLR and 1/4" line out jacks

    Frequency response: 40 Hz–20 kHz
    Max power out: 150 W rms
    System format: 2 way biamp.

    Power woofer: 115 W rms
    Power tweeter: 35 W rms
    Sensitivity 1W 1mt: 94 dB
    Crossover: electronic
    Woofer: 8”
    Tweeter: compression tweeter
    Box: 2 way bass reflex

    Construction: plywood

    Weight: 13 Kg (29 pds)
    height 39 cm (15.5”)
    width 32,5 cm (13”)
    depth 27,5 cm (11”)

    - 1, 2, 3, 4 = Large Hall (From short 1 to long 4)
    - 5, 6 = Room (From short 5 to long 6)
    - 7, 8 = Vocal Plate (From short 7 to long 8)