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One piece back

Advancing 4/4 student violin made under master luthier Koscielny
Solid Carved Carpathian Spruce Top
Solid Carved European Maple back, sides and scroll
Solid Ebony Pegs, Fingerboard, Tailpiece and Guarneri Chinrest

Calin Wulter 6 4/4 Romanian Guarnari Violin (1 pc)

  • The Calin Wultur Workshop is a group of string instrument makers in Reghin, Romania, led by Calin Wultur. The #6 models receive more attention from master luthier Koscielny in the detail and setup of the instrument, producing even more compelling sound and more beauty visually.

    Reghin has been home to instrument building factories and to expert individual builders. The Wultur workshop is somewhere between, neither a factory nor an individual builder working alone – the work is largely by hand by fewer than 30 builders who produce instruments with exceptional workmanship and tone relative to their price.

    The Calin Wultur workshop recently has incorporated in its ranks Polish luthiers especially expert in finishing who hand apply varnish, creating Limited Edition instruments with a unique look and feel. All Calin Wultur instruments come from the workshop with Thomastik Dominant strings.
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