The Hayden Cotton Club is a hand wired, UK made "valve" amp with EL84 power tubes. The switchable output (7 watts or 15 watts) makes it perfect for both studio and live use. 
This is a very "Voxy" amp, very powerful and straight-ahead with that classis 60's chime, but with the capacity for some really rich overdriven tones. Using a footswitch, you can switch between a clean channel with simple treble, bass and volume controls, and a higher gain channel with presence, treble and bass controls, plus a gain control ranging from light to medium crunch. The addition of a boost on channel 2 (foot-switchable or dialed in) moves the sound into a more modern era but, overall, the gain structure is kept purposely low, enabling the guitarist to add pedals for a saturated lead tone without compromising the dynamic response of the output stage. Channel 2 also features a master volume control for balancing the levels of lead and rhythm settings. The five-position voice control is provided to match your pickups to the amplifier and has the ability to 'thicken' a single coil pickup which might seem too thin, or 'thin' a dark, high-output humbucker.

Hayden is a branch of Ashdown Amplifiers.

This is a NEW amplifier, not used.


Hayden Cotton Club 715 - Electric Guitar Amplifier

  • 7/15w Amp
    Two Channels
    Hand Wired in the UK!
    2 x EL84 power tubes
    1 x 12" Eminence speaker

  • Top Controls, from left to right:
    * 7 watt/15 watt switch
    [Channel Two]
    * Master Volume
    * Treble
    [Both Channels]
    * Voice
    [Channel One]
    * Treble
    * Bass
    * Volume
    * Input jack

    Controls and jacks in the back:
    * Fuse
    * Boost (footswitch jack)
    * Channel (footswitch jack)
    * 8 ohm speaker out
    * 8 ohm extension speaker out

    Dimensions: 18" high x 22" wide x 13" deep