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Water Violet Bows was founded in 1994 by Renato Cesar Casara in the village of Demetrio Ribeiro. The village, near the town of Joao Neiva in Southeastern Brazil, is a place where Pernambucco trees grow and where the population are decedents of Italian immigrants.  The place is perfect for making traditional violin family bows. 

In the beginning, the company produced only twenty handcrafted bows each month - one bowmaker and three other employees.

By the year 2000, Water Violet was making 450 bows per month, with a production capability of 600 bows per month - thirty-eight professionals of whom ten are master bowmakers who handcraft the finest violin, viola, cello, bass, and baroque bows.

W. Imberti Pernambucco 4/4 Violin Bow

  • This bow was made by one of the company's Master Bowmakers, W. Imberti.

    Round pernambucco stick
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