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Stacy Bechtel teaches clarinet, bass, banjo, flute, guitar, piano, sax, trumpet and ukulele

Stacy Bechtel


Teaches at Meadowood: Tues

Stacy Bechtel is a talented multi-instrumentalist whose first instrument was clarinet. Stacy's music education degree from Lebanon Valley College, extensive private and public-school teaching experience and decades-long role as music director and performer at the Pines Dinner Theatre reinforces the skills she uses to teach students at Meadowood Music.

Stacy performs and teaches virtually every style of music on woodwind, keyboard and strings. She teaches clarinet, saxophone and piano/keyboard from beginning to master level. She teaches bass guitar and folk-style upright bass from beginning to intermediate level. She teaches beginning fiddle/violin and ensemble upright bass.

Stacy works equally well with children and adults and is truly invested in her students’ development, teaching students to read music if they do not already. 

Teaching elements of music theory, Stacy helps students play by ear also. Stacy helps her students to set and achieve specific musical goals as they work with her to master the diverse array of instruments that she teaches. We are delighted to have Stacy teach at Meadowood. 

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