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Through two types of clinics at the store and at other local businesses' facilities, Meadowood gives musicians opportunities to learn from master players (technical clinics) and to see and play instruments that are not usually in stock (product clinics).


Fiddler Bill Hicks of Red Clay Ramblers' fame, multi-instrumentalist Robin Bullock, and jazz guitarist John Stowell are among Meadowood's past technical clinicians.  Through the Maidencreek Old Time Music Festival, Meadowood sponsors about two dozen clinics in both general and master sessions every year on the second Sunday of July in Maiers' Grove.  


Rich Starkey, Mark Cosgrove and Craig Thatcher have been product clinicians for Martin Guitar at Meadowood.  Martin has also held numerous Custom Shop clinics at Meadowood.  Breedlove sent their wonderful guitar and mandolin filled RV to Meadowood on several occasions.  Doug Johns showcased Genz Benz's excellent bass amps at Meadowood  Ken Haas showed us just how wonderfully Reverend guitars play and sound.  Gino Razinole brought us a plethora of G&L's American and Tribute guitars and basses.


Meadowood will continue to bring these kinds of clinics to you.  Watch the welcome page of this web site for upcoming events.

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