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Brad Haberle teaches double bass and bass guitar
Brad Haberle teaches double bass and bass guitar
Brad Haberle teaches double bass and bass guitar

Brad Haberle

Teaches at Meadowood: on request


Brad, a bassist, vocalist and private bass instructor for nearly 30 years, studied under a number of accomplished bass players/teachers, including Bill Sharrow (electric bass guitar), Ed Ferris (Country Gentlemen), John Riccardi (Vaudeville/big band bassist for Tommy Dorsey) and Gerald Veasley (jazz bass clinician). Brad is supplementing this formal musical education on bass with an Associate of Arts in Music. Brad has performed with over 20 bands over the years, playing year round for 3-5 bands at any one time. At the same time, he has been an on-call bassist filling in with other bands. This training and experience provides the foundation with which Brad helps students apply bass playing skills to performance. 


Brad has played festivals, parks, concert arenas and smaller venues, churches, and house concerts along the entire Mid-Atlantic region, including Nashville. Brad plays a diverse array of music on bass that he teaches his students: Motown, R&B, Funk/Fusion, Country (traditional and contemporary), Bluegrass, Irish, Acoustic Folk, Swing, Jazz, Traditional and Progressive Blues, Rock (traditional and modern), Praise & Worship and Chamber Music. Brad was first drawn to the bass as a member of the PA gospel bluegrass band, Sunnyside.


Brad teaches his students through a mixed approach of music theory, aural theory, learning by demonstration/example, reading musical notation, reading charts and using the Nashville numbering system. He teaches proper technique on both bass guitar and upright bass, with focus on proper posture and exercises to increase strength, speed and endurance. Brad teaches both French and German bowing. Brad ensures that his students acquire skills to play in an ensemble/band and to interact with other musicians while performing. 




We are delighted that Brad is a member of the cadre of fine teachers at Meadowood.  


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