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Conservatory Series


Advancing-level cello with especially well-aged spruce top and handsomely flamed maple back and sides. Luthiers spend more time in arching and graduating the plates for improved acoustic response and full, rich tone. Beautifully shaded orange-red varnish tastefully antiqued over a golden ground coat. Eboy pegs, endpin, Despiau "C" level French bridge, composite tailpiece with integrated tuners, and D'Addario Kaplan strings.

Core Conservatory C-34 4/4 Cello

  • Conservatory Series

    Solid fully carved spruce top
    Solid fully carved maple back & sides & neck
    Inlaid purfling
    Ebony pegs and fingerboard; composite tailpiece
    French bridge
    Four fine tuners
    Padded gig bag and real hair bow available

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