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Special Promotional Events

Meadowood hosts open house events for familiar well-known product lines and to introduce new product lines. At these special promotional events, people get a chance to try things out and share them with other enthusiasts. Often the manufacturers have clinicians at the events. Almost always, the events include refreshments. Each event is a "petting zoo" for instruments & accessories.


Meadowood offers products and services in which its proprietors believe - both familiar and new to the market.  The store has introduced product lines that were previously unknown in the area surrounding the store (e.g., Furch guitars, Breedlove guitars, Weber mandolins, G&L guitars, Black Star amplifiers, AER amplifiers, Acoustic Solutions amplifiers...).  The store also hosts events to allow people to see new products from makers who are familiar. (e.g., Martin guitars, Deering banjos, Roland amplifiers and pedals, Fishman amplifiers...).  


For new and familiar makers' products, Meadowood hosts these open houses to give people first hand experience with the musical gear that is available to them.


Here is a slideshow of several of previous events.


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