Many students look forward to a recital as an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments.  Meadowood's teachers organize occasional recitals for their students, providing a facility, emcee services and accompaniment.  Sometimes the recitals feature one teacher's students.  Sometimes students from several teachers participate in a group recital.  Students typically perform one piece of music each and are welcome to perform individually or in a group.  The student may play solo or request accompaniment by a teacher. There is no cost to the student to participate in a recital.  Meadowood's teachers will notify students when recital opportunities are available.


In 2017, Meadowood began to partner on recitals with the Keystone Villa Residence in Blandon. Keystone Villa provides a lovely, accessible venue for the recital. Meadowood provides talented, aspiring musicians as entertainment for residents of the Villa. 


Meadowood's teachers also view the summer open mics at Meadowood as a recital opportunity for students and often come to play with students in the summer open mics at the store.  For more information about the open mics, visit the open mic page of this website.