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Paula Taylor teaches double bass (plucked) and beginning violin/fiddle

Paula Taylor


Teaches at Meadowood: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat


One of Meadowood's proprietors, Paula offers instruction in beginning upright bass for folk and bluegrass styles, beginning bass guitar, beginning violin/fiddle, and beginning acoustic guitar. Paula performs in a two-piece acoustic band, “Mike & Paula,” with her husband, Mike Andrews, and was a member of "Imaginary Friends," folk trio. Paula accompanied the Druckenmiller Family on upright bass on their CD, Morning Star. 


Paula studied upright bass with Josh Bayer and bass guitar with Meadowood's own Gene Cullison.  She studied music theory with Meadowood's Gene Cullison, Robin Bullock of Helicon fame, and with Gretchen Benchoff at the Peabody Institute. She studied violin/fiddle with Meadowood's Judy Terwilliger and Ted Fenstermacher. She studied double bass with Josh Bayer of Rockville MD, and bass guitar with Meadowood's Gene Cullison. 


With this background, Paula introduces bass students to reading with emphasis on relationships between scales, chords and chord progressions and bass accompaniment for traditional music styles.  Paula does not teach bowed styles on double bass.  Paula accepts beginning violin/fiddle students, introducing reading skills, focusing on the style of music that interests the student. She accepts beginning acoustic guitar students whose interest is in playing chords to accompany vocals.


Paula uses aural tools, along with method books and encourages students to both play from written notation and by ear.  

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